Humanitarian City

Visit the Humanitarian City during the Warsaw Humanitarian Expo.

Meet people who are involved in humanitarian aid every day all over the world.

Listen to interesting debates about how to prevent and combat the effects of natural disasters.

Find out how to be posted to humanitarian missions carried out by international organizations.

Meet young people from universities and schools who are also thinking about getting involved in helping others.

You will learn how modern technologies, e.g. drones and virtual reality, help in preventing and combating the effects of catastrophes and natural disasters.


In the Humanitarian City you will meet in person people who could not be found anywhere else!

Humanitarian City – a part of Warsaw Humanitarian Expo 2019 (WHE 2019) dedicated to side events. It is a venue for open debates and exchange of experiences that aims to facilitate cooperation between public institutions, NGOs and business.

Non-governmental organizations, academia and other institutions will be able to share information on their involvement in humanitarian aid and development assistance, present their tools, know-how and innovative solutions.

The organizers are welcome to all initiatives put forward by NGOs, academia, and other institutions that relate to humanitarian aid and development assistance. These may include debates, seminars, presentations, exhibitions etc. The initiatives must be submitted to the organizers as soon as possible.

For additional information on organization of such events please contact Ms. Agata Czyrsznic-Dobrowolska (, phone: +48 22 5237182) and Mr. Paweł Mokrzycki (, phone: +48 22 5239731).

For technical details please contact Mr. Krzysztof Pytlarz, Warsaw Humanitarian Expo Project Director (, phone: +48 504 651 923).

Humanitarian City will consist of three blocks:

  1. -law,
  2. -global education and
  3. -business in humanitarian aid and development assistance sectors


  • Enhancement of cooperation between partners in the field of humanitarian aid and development assistance (NGOs, academia, public institutions, business)
  • Dissemination of knowledge on humanitarian aid matters
  • Promotion of volunteering
  • Overview of activities of organizations involved in humanitarian aid and development assistance
  • Promotion of best practices


  • Expo booths
  • Lectures, seminars and courses (i.a. on humanitarian law, global education, running business in countries affected by humanitarian crises)
  • Panel discussions
  • Photography exhibitions, film shows