Report from the 2019 edition.

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About Warsaw Humanitarian Expo

The largest trade fair in Europe devoted to global humanitarian and development aid and related business:
· Take part and get contracts worth hundreds of millions of Euros.
· Learn how to participate in tenders.
· Meet in person procurement officers of international organizations and NGOs present on site.
· Learn about future trends in humanitarian and development assistance so that you can adapt your offer.
· Visit the Humanitarian City and meet people who are involved in humanitarian aid every day all over the world.

A Global Volunteers Meeting


Why is it worth taking part in this event?

  • The only fair of this kind in Central and Eastern Europe
  • A comprehensive offer strictly focused on specific sectors –
    exhibitors from Poland and abroad
  • B2G and B2B meetings (face-to-face) with people responsible for
    purchasing, product and budget procedures, as well as purchase
    planning, f.ex.. UNHCR, UNRWA, Red Cross, Red Crescent and many
    international governmental and non-governmental agencies
  • Presence of representatives of the countries constantly supported
    by humanitarian aid and development assistance
  • Know-how and business information – all in one place: agenda,
    recipient, payer, purchase planning, budget issues, as well as the
    requirements and procedures applied by global and national aid
    organizations and non-governmental organizations
  • International conference on important aspects of assistance at
    the crossroads of business and humanitarian aid, with participation
    of representatives of governments, non-governmental organizations
    and many other experts
  • A unique opportunity to present your products and services on
    the international market of humanitarian aid and development
    assistance, worth billions of USD

THE FAIR | Thematic sectors

Sector 1. Logistics & communication

the latest communication technologies as well as spedition services and means of transport

UN tenders for $ 3,5 bln p.a.

Sector 2. Medical equipment

products from the area of disease prevention, decontamination and health prophylaxis, pharma

UN tenders in "Health" sector for $ 3,73 bln p.a.

Sector 3. Shelters

tents, shelters, residential containers, water purification systems

UN tenders for $ 300 mln p.a.

Sector 4. Security

individual and collective security systems, munitions detection and clearance systems

UN tenders in "Peace&Security" sector for $ 367 mln p.a.

Sector 5. Food

producers of food, seeds, fertilization systems and crop cultivation

UN tenders for $ 2,5 bln p.a.

Sector 6. Agencies

aid agencies and nongovernmental organizations

CONFERENCE | Responsible Business for Humanitarian Emergencies

CONFERENCE – 11 JUNE 2019     9 a.m.- 5 p.m.

FORUM | Warsaw Procurement Forum


  • Christian Saunders, Assistant Secretary-General for Supply Chain Management, Office of Central Support Services, OCSS (NY)
  • Mr Wacim Hadjidj – Chief Procurement Officer, UNOG (CH)
  • UNDP: Mr Gregory Soneff, Team Leader, Global Health Procurement and CREE (DK) (conf)
  • UNICEF: Mr Aadrian Sullivan, Markets, Supplier Financing & Innovation (MSFIC), Supply Division (DK)
  • UNDP: Dr Rosemary Kumwenda (MD), Regional Team Leader Eastern Europe and Central Asia (TR)
  • WFP: Mr Enrico Labriola, Procurement Officer (IT)
  • ICRC: Mr Guillaume Sauvage, Specialized Food & EHI Lead Buyer, Purchasing Unit (CH)
  • OICT: Dr Thomas P. Braun, Chief, Global Security & Architecture Section (US)
  • DFS: Mr Houston Fergusson, Chief, Strategic Support Service (US)
  • UNGSC: Ms Clorinda Gigante, Procurement Officer (IT)
  • DG DEVCO/EU: Mr Paolo Sergio, Legal Officer (BE)
  • DG ECHO/EU: Mr Javier Calvo, Legal Officer and Procurement Expert (BE)
  • NSPA/NATO: Mr Patrick Fesquet, Director of NATO Support and Procurement Agency (LU)
  • LUBAWA S.A. Mr Marcin Kubica, President of the Board PL
  • Development Aid: Mr Dinu Turcan, Business Development (MD)
  • OXFAM: Mr. Ed Blagden, Chief OXFAM SUPPLY CENTRE
  • Polish Humanitarian Action: Ms Aleksandra Peszkowska, Coordinator for Logistics & Administration
  • Polish Medical Mission: Ms Małgorzata Olasińska-Chart, Director for Humanitarian Aid Program
  • Crown Agent: Tetiana Korotchenko, Head of Office (UKR)

Webinars - get ready for WHE

Doing Business with the UN – introduction to the procurement process

Humanitarian City

Visit the Humanitarian City during the Warsaw Humanitarian Expo. Meet people who are involved in humanitarian aid every day all over the world. Listen to interesting debates about how to prevent and combat the effects of natural disasters.

Find out how to be posted to humanitarian missions carried out by international organizations. Meet young people from universities and schools who are also thinking about getting involved in helping others. You will learn how modern technologies, e.g. drones and virtual reality, help in preventing and combating the effects of catastrophes and natural disasters.

In the Humanitarian City you will meet people who could not be found anywhere else!



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